Car Valuations

Car Valuations

Car valuations are an important part of selling your car. There are sites that offer free online car valuation with just a few details from you. The idea behind these valuations is to help you know how much you can really get from the sale of your car.

At Car Goga, we do much more than what online car valuations sites do. Since we are interested in giving you cash for your car, we do our homework when it comes to getting details about your car. The online form you fill for us helps us get a clear description of your car without having to come see it so that we can make you the best possible offer.

Why should you have a car valuation?

In any business transaction, you want to know what the market price for your product is. For instance, if you were trying to sell your house, you would want to know what the market value is so that you can set your asking price. The same principle applies to selling your car.

Knowing the market value of your car gives you the knowledge and consequently the power to negotiate for the best possible deal. As a seller, you want to make as much as you can from the sale. A car valuation helps you to know what a feasible price for your car is, given its mileage, model, make, type, age and current market trends around these characteristics. The condition of the car also affects the value along with whether or not your car has been in an accident.

At Car Goga, we will take all these elements of your car into consideration along with the market and manufacturer trends to give you the best possible price for your car. So if you want to get what your car is truly worth, come sell your car for cash at Car Goga.

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