How Much is My Car Worth

How muchis My Car Worth?

One of the most common questions that people selling cars online ask themselves is, ‘How much is my car worth?’ This is the most important question in the entire car selling process because each of us would like to get as much as we can from our sales.

While car valuation sites offer instant pricing, the prices vary considerably among these sites due to the fact that their prices are mostly based on opinion. However, at Car Goga, we aim to offer you the best prices based on fact rather than our own opinion. So there are a few things we consider as we calculate how much your car is worth.

What is my car worth? –Value Determinants

Once you have filled our detailed online form describing your car, there are some things that will help us determine its value:

  • Age and mileage

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a given that older cars sell at lower prices. You could have car that’s a year old if the manufacturer gives more discounts for newer models, your car’s value may be lowered significantly.

Higher mileages usually lower the value of a car due to wear and tear implications, and we take that into consideration as well.

  • Market

Changes in the market affect the pricing of any product and this applies to cars as well. For instance, a drop in sales of new cars may cause an increase in the value of used cars. Supply and demand balance will also affect the market value of your car.

  • Exchange rate

This applies particularly to cars manufactured abroad. Their value will be determined by the exchange rate of their currency with ours.

With all these put into consideration, we will offer you a fair and accurate price for your car regardless of how old it is or how far it has travelled.

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