We Buy any Car

We Buy Any Car

Too many buyer considerations

It’s not easy selling just any car. First, you have type, make and model preferences to deal with when talking to potential buyers. Then you have limitations on how old the car can be since most buyers may not want an old car unless it is one of those classics. You will also have to handle mileage issues with your buyers since most have an upper limit on what mileage they are willing to consider.

Not with us!

At Car Goga, you don’t need to worry about any of these things because we’re not playing when we say we buy any car. We will buy your car no matter what make or model it is, or how old it is. And it’s not just certain types of cars that we’re interested in. We buy any vehicle that is in reasonable working condition and that you are willing to sell.

All we ask you to do is fill in our online form giving us a full description of your car or van, as well as what you would like to get for it. Remember to give us your car’s registration number as well as your contact details so we can get in touch with you.

We will call you to discuss your car details as well as reach an agreeable price for the car. Once that is done, we will send someone down to your preferred location to inspect the car and test drive it. If everything goes well, you will have your money transferred to your account on the spot before we drive away with your car.

Sounds good?

Then you can start the process today by simply filling in that online form. If you have any questions, feel to contact us online or come down to our head office at Priory House, Marsh Road, Wembley, HAO 1ES.

Free Car Valuation

Service Chart

  • Free Collection or Branch Visit
  • No Service / Handling charges
  • Payment made before collection
  • We buy Financed Vehicles
  • no Road Tax / MOT
  • Non runners / Damaged Vehicles
  • Vans, Motorbikes, Caravans.

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