We Want any Car

We Want Any Car

Do you own a year-old Mazda coupe that you want to sell? Or did your wife finally wear you down about selling that old van and getting a ‘proper’ family car? Is your car new or is it rather too old? Does it have good mileage or a little more than you would like?

There are certain aspects about your car that may make you confident about selling your car. However, there are certain things about your car you would rather have not happened to it since you know it will lower its value. This may make you a little hesitant about selling your car but at Car Goga, we want any car.

Yes, your car as well

We want your car, with all its issues and history, and we promise to give you the best possible deal on it. All we ask for is full disclosure on all of those issues. For instance, if you have no MOT, or your car has been declared a write off by the insurer or if you have outstanding fees on your van, we want to know so we can be clear on what value to place on your car.

You can give us all this information through our online form. It’s quite thorough and gives us all the important details about your car or van. It takes no more than 15 minutes to fill that in and once you send it to us, we will give you a call to discuss a few more details and place an offer. A representative of the company will then come to you to inspect the car and transfer the money to your account, before taking the car off your hands.

You can’t get a better deal anywhere else: free valuation, car inspection at your desired location, free collection of your car and on the spot payment for it. You really should look no further than Car Goga if you’re thinking of selling your car.

Free Car Valuation

Service Chart

  • Free Collection or Branch Visit
  • No Service / Handling charges
  • Payment made before collection
  • We buy Financed Vehicles
  • no Road Tax / MOT
  • Non runners / Damaged Vehicles
  • Vans, Motorbikes, Caravans.

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